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Netflix Hangouts for Windows

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  • Version: 0.3

Stealthy Binge-Watching

Netflix Hangouts is a browser add-on created by mschf internet studios. This software is an extension for Netflix that lets you watch discreetly. At first glance, the app resembles a conference call camouflaging your Netflix streaming. The users’ perspective is not shown at all to others, making it ideal for watching shows or movies even at work. Users, however,  must still remember that their activity log is still visible to the office’s I.T. personnel. Activating the extension is simple as it only takes pressing the extension icon from the screen. This can somehow save users when someone is passing by at their work station.


  • Creates a fake conference call
  • Watch Netflix at workplace
  • Quick activation via an icon


  • Not fool-proof
  • Netflix viewing is still traced
  • Slightly unstable for some Netflix client

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Netflix Hangouts


Netflix Hangouts 0.3 for PC

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